Iran seeks good, brotherly relations with Muslim countries: Rouhani

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (AFP Photo)

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed on Sunday his country’s desire to have good relations with all Muslim peoples in the Middle East. He also criticised the recent cooperation between the Middle Eastern countries with Israel and the US, saying that those Muslim countries are choosing the “wrong road”.

During his speech in Hormozgan province in southern Iran, Rouhani said that only Muslims can ensure the security of the Middle East. He added that Iran is looking for brotherly and friendly relations with all people, stressing that Iran will not be the one to “begin any aggression in the region.”

“Those who previously thought that Saddam Hussein (the former president of Iraq before the US invasion) would protect them, were wrong, and those who believe now that the US and Israel could protect them, are committing a greater mistake,” said Rouhani.

Iran accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of supporting Sunni groups which attack the Iranian forces. One of those attacks happened on Wednesday on the Iranian-Pakistani borders and resulted in killing 27 personnel belonging to the Revolutionary Guards.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatened Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan of a military response to the attack.

Iran is involved in a proxy war with Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen and Syria through its military arms there, and through the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon which threatens the Saudi influence in the country.

On Wednesday, the US held the Middle East summit in Warsaw, Poland with the participation of representatives from 60 countries. Through the summit, the US aimed to increase the pressures on Iran despite European critics to the summit.  

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