Passenger traffic at Egyptian airports increases by 12.1% in 2017

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The total passenger traffic at airports reached 30.5 million passengers in 2017 up from 27.2 million passengers in 2016, an increase of 12.1%, the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced on Monday in its annual bulletin of air transport statistics for 2017.

The total number of flights increased by 1.5% reaching 281,000 trips in 2017, compared to 276,700 trips in 2016, the CAPMAS added.

The total volume of transported goods in 2017 was 320,700 tonnes, down from 338,200 tonnes in 2016, a decrease of 5.2%.

The report mentioned that the total international and domestic passenger traffic was 15.72 million passengers in 2017, compared to 15.71 million passengers in 2016, an increase of 0.1%. This year’s figure included 10.7 million international passengers, representing 68.2%, and 5 million local passengers, representing 31.8%. The passenger traffic via national companies scored 51.5% of total passenger traffic at Egyptian airports.

“Total international and domestic traffic of passenger and cargo was 217,500 trips in 2017, compared to 225,100 in 2016, with a decrease of 3.4%, including 134,300 trips by international trips (61.7%) and 83,300 domestic trips (38.3%). The ratio of national companies’ flights was 77.4% of total flights,” the report read.

The CAPMAS also noted that the volume of transported goods by national companies was 142,800 tonnes in 2017, compared to 134,500 tonnes in 2016, with an increase of 6.2%. The 2017 figure included 80,800 tonnes of exported goods (56.6%), 37.600 tonnes of imported goods (26.4%), and 24,300 tonnes of transit goods (17.0%). The ratio of goods movement via national companies was 44.5% of total goods movement at Egyptian airports.

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