Antiquated Egypt: cultural festival reviving extinct heritage

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For a long time, Egypt’s handicrafts were some of the most famous icons of the nation’s culture and legacy. Thousands of people earn their living from crafts they had learned by heart from their ancestors. Aiming to promote the hand-made crafts and revive the heritage which is about to go extinct,  The ‘Masr Ateka’ Festival (Antiquated Egypt) kicked off on Wednesday at Souq Al-Fustat in Old Cairo.

The festival will last until 8 December, showcasing Egypt’s heritage arts, and crafts, and is organised by Souq Al-Fustat artists. The event aims to revive the traditions which people are no longer connected to, and have replaced them by western traditions instead.

The artists sated in a Facebook post that they inaugurated this festival to have arts, crafts with music all in one place, with the aim of bringing together the different types of arts within the walls and atmosphere of the area known for having the best handicrafts in Cairo.

The five-day event will host exhibitors who will showcase their hand-made products throughout the day. It will also witness workshops and discussions on art and poetry. Among the showcased items are leather wallets, crochet clothes, handmade accessories, and handbags.

As for the musical concerts, four bands are scheduled to perform at the festival including ‘Mashrou’ Rouh’ (A Soul Plan) which combines Islamic and Coptic pieces together in songs adding a modern twist to them.

All events are free to attend.

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