"Super-Recognizers" to make Munich Oktoberfest 2018 safer

Deutsche Welle
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The Oktoberfest in Munich will open on September 22, 2018. This year organizers are redesigning the security concept. For the first time, so-called super-recognizers will be used.”Super-Recognizers” are police officers who have above average ability to memorize human features. They can also recognize people under varying conditions and after a longer period of time. These police officers are to quickly identify known criminals at the Oktoberfest. So far, 37 “Super-Recognizers” are to be deployed, mainly to work at the entrance controls.

The police also want to expand video surveillance and send more officers on patrol across the Oktoberfest with visible video cameras on their uniforms, so-called body cameras.

Preparations for the 185th Munich Oktoberfest (September 22 – October 7, 2018) are currently underway. While concrete is still being poured on the Theresienwiese, the beer is already brewed. It is matured in the dark of the beer cellar and is particularly strong with just over six percent alcohol and a high original wort content.
The Munich Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world. Around six million visitors are expected to attend this year’s festivities.

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