First week of Ramadan ad campaigns sees strong competition

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Companies have rolled out their advertising campaigns for the month of Ramadan, which often sees strong competition among telecommunications companies. Orange and Vodafone both initiated their campaigns on the first day of Ramadan, while Etisalat started one day behind.

Daily News Egypt explores data on the most viewed ads in the first four days of the holy month, according to E3langi.

1- Vodafone swept views in the first three days, despite Orange dominating interaction and shareability rate.

On the fourth day, Orange matched Vodafone’s view count on Facebook, then went beyond with 1.7m views more on YouTube. In terms of penetration, it scored 9th on Google Trends, while Vodafone ranked 17th.

Orange’s campaign has now become the most viewed on Facebook and YouTube and the latter’s top trending ad, with a view count of over 2m in four days.

2- Etisalat entered the competition a little late, while Banque Misr’s ad acquired the third spot on Facebook and YouTube with a total of 11.5m views.

3- Interaction with Orange’s advertisement campaign has been very high.

4- Looking at the search trends, one can see that the top five rising queries in the past seven days were: three for Orange, one for Banque Misr, and one for Amr Khaled, while the top query was for Vodafone.

5- Nescafé and Magdy Yacoub have a strong possibility of achieving greater reach if they take interest in media spending and influencers’ endorsement.

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