Cyber breach of Careem customer, driver data

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Ride-hailing company Careem identified a cyber incident involving unauthorised access to the system it uses to store data. According to a statement sent from the company to its users on Monday, Careem became aware on 14 January that “online criminals” gained access to its computer systems, which hold customer and driver account data. Customers and drivers who joined Careem after that date were not affected.

However, the company stated there was no evidence of fraud or misuse related to the incident. “It is our responsibility to be open and honest with you, and to reaffirm our commitment to protecting your privacy and data,” the statement read.

“As soon as we detected the breach, we launched a thorough investigation and engaged leading cybersecurity experts to assist us in strengthening our security systems. We are also working with law enforcement agencies,” it continued.

Throughout the incident, according to Careem, the priority has been to protect the data and privacy of the customers and drivers. “Since discovering the issue, we have worked to understand what happened, who was affected, and what we needed to do to strengthen our network defences,” the company affirmed.

Careem highlighted some procedures customers can follow to safeguard their own personal information. The most prominent of these procedures are to implement better password management by updating their Careem password, as well as login information other accounts on which customers use similar details; use a strong mix of characters and try not to use the same password for multiple sites; and remain cautious of any unsolicited communications that ask for personal information or redirect to a webpage asking for personal information.

Moreover, customers should avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from unfamiliar emails and continue to review bank account and credit card statements for suspicious activity and call their bank if they see anything unexpected.

“While no organisation is completely immune to the threat of cybercrime, we are committed to meeting these threats and protecting the privacy and data of those that have placed their trust in us. We apologise for what has happened, but rest assured, Careem has learned from this experience and will come out of it a stronger and more resilient organisation. We remain dedicated to our mission of supporting the millions of captains and customers in the region who depend on Careem to earn a living and get around,” the company stated.

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