Mostadam Forum launches training session for young bankers from Egypt, Middle East in March

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Mostadam Forum will launch its fourth training session for young bankers from Egypt and the Middle East between 18 and 22 March to raise awareness of the principles of sustainable financing.

The forum will hold its new session under the title Introduction to Sustainable Finance, which will offer a comprehensive approach to the concept of sustainable financing and demonstrate the positive interaction between the financial industry and the environmental, societal, and governance spheres.

The programme includes a discussion of several points and important elements: equator principles, sustainability, socially responsible investments, and financial inclusion. This is in addition to the content of these elements and discussions with experts on corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment, and sustainability within the banking sector.

The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), the training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), is to certify these training courses.

Mostadam Forum held its last session in October 2017 and graduated 29 young bankers from eight banks.

The gorum was launched in 2014 in cooperation between the Arab African International Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, and the Egyptian Corporate Responsibility Centre (ECRC) to become the first forum of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East.

Since it launched, the forum has graduated 113 young bankers belonging to about 60% of the banking institutions operating in Egypt, which indicates the significance of scientific material and the merit of international lecturers.

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