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Biathlete Laura Dahlmeier has collected Germany’s first gold medal of the Pyeongchang winter games, winning the 7.5 kilometer sprint. Follow all the action with updates from DW’s live blog!+++Refresh the page for live updates from the Winter Olympics+++
All times are Central European Time (CET)

13:48 — Women’s Ice Hockey: Not a great debut for the unified Korean women’s hockey team. They are currently losing to Switzerland 3-0 in the first period of their preliminary round match.

13:34 — Short Track Speed Skating: Lim Hyojun gets the first medal for hosts South Korea, winning the Men’s 3000m, setting a new Olympic record in the process!

Men’s 3000m Final A results…

Lim Hyojun (South Korea) — 2:10.485 *Gold *Olympic record
Sjinkie Knegt (Netherlands) — 2:10.555 *Silver
Semen Elistratov (Olympic Athlete from Russia) — 2:10.687 *Bronze
Samuel Girard (Canada) — 2:11.176
Shaolin Sandor Liu (Hungary) — 2:11.520
Itzhak de Laat (Netherlands) — 2:12.362
Thibaut Fauconnet (France) — 2:53.150
Hwang Daeheon (South Korea) — Did not finish
Charles Hamelin (Canada) — Out after penalty

13:25 — Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 3000m Final B results…

Han Tianyu (China) — 2:26.281
Seo Yira (South Korea) — 2:26.346
Pascal Dion (Canada) — 2:26.412
Roberto Pukitis (Latvia) — 2:26.525
Aaron Tran (United States) — 2:27.127

13:13 — Short Track Speed Skating: Women’s 3000m relay finals seeds…

Final A: China (4:05.315), Italy (4:05.918), South Korea (4:06.387), Canada (4:07.627)
Final B: Netherlands (4:05.977), Hungary (4:09.5555) Japan (4:12.664), Olympic Athletes from Russia (4:21.973)

13:10 — Short Track Speed Skating: ANOTHER new Olympic record! China tops South Korea’s mark in the second heat of the Women’s 3000m relay with a time of 4:05.315!

13:03 — Short Track Speed Skating: South Korea has set a new Olympic record in the semifinals of the Women’s 3000m relay with a time of 4:06.387!

12:46 — Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 1500m finals…

Final A: Semen Elistratov (Olympic Athlete from Russia), Charles Hamelin (Canada), Lim Hyojun (South Korea), Hwang Daeheon (South Korea), Itzhak de Laat (Netherlands), Sjinkie Knegt (Netherlands), Thibaut Fauconnet (France), Shaolin Sandor Liu (Hungary), Samuel Girard (Canada)
Final B: Seo Yira (South Korea), Roberto Pukitis (Latvia), Han Tianyu (China), Pascal Dion (Canada), Aaron Tran (United States)

12:30 — Biathlon: Laura Dahlmeier collects Germany’s first gold medal in Pyeongchang! She wins the 7.5-kilometer sprint with a time of 21:06.2.

Women’s 7.5km sprint results:

12:25 — Short Track Speed Skating: Results of the semifinal heats for the Men’s 1500m (top three qualify for the finals)

Semifinal 1: Semen Elistratov (Olympic Athlete from Russia), Charles Hamelin (Canada), Seo Yira (South Korea), Roberto Pukitis (Latvia), Andy Jung (Australia), Samuel Girard (Canada) — J.R. Celski (United States) out after penalty
Semifinal 2: Sjinkie Knegt (Netherlands), Thibaut Fauconnet (France), Pascal Dion (Canada), Aaron Tran (United States), Shaolin Sandor Liu (Hungry), Jens Almey (Belgium) — John-Henry Krueger out after penalty
Semifinal 3: Lim Hyojun (South Korea), Hwang Daecheon (South Korea), Itzhak de Laat (Netherlands), Han Tianyu (China), Sebastien Lepape (France), Xu Hongzhi (China) — Shaoang Liu (Hungary) and Wu Dajing (China) out after penalties.

12:22 — Biathlon: Germany’s Franziska Hildebrand begins her 7.5-kilometer sprint, the 14th competitor out of the gate.

12:15 — Biathlon: the women’s 7.5-kilometer sprint has commenced with Austria’s Lisa Theresa-Hauser the first out of the gate. Germany’s Denise Herrmann starts third.

12:02 — North Korean fans are in full force for short track speed skating.

11:48 — Short track speed skating: Results of the preliminary heats for the Women’s 500m (top two qualify for the quarterfinals):

Heat 1: Kim Boutin (Canada), Natalia Maliszewska (Poland)
Heat 2: Arianna Fontana (Italy), Andrea Keszler (Hungary)
Heat 3: Sofia Prosvirnova (Olympic Athlete from Russia), Yara Van Kerkhof (Netherlands)
Heat 4: Elise Christie (United Kingdom), Qu Chunyu (China)
Heat 5: Fan Kexin (China), Faam Biney (United States)
Heat 6: Martina Valcepina (Italy), Han Yutong (China)
Heat 7: Marianne St. Gelais (Canada), Anna Seidel (Germany)
Heat 8: Choi Minjeong (South Korea), Petra Jaszapati (Hungary)

11:14 — Short track speed skating: Results of the preliminary heats for the Men’s 1500m (top three qualify for the semifinals):

Heat 1: Shaolin Sandor Liu (Hungary), Samuel Girard (Canada), Semen Elistratov (Olympic Athlete from Russia)
Heat 2: Charles Hamelin (Canada), Jens Almey (Belgium), Aaron Tran (United States)
Heat 3: Hwang Daeheon (South Korea), Itzhak de Laat (Netherlands), Wu Daijing (China)
Heat 4: Lim Hyojun (South Korea), Sebastien Lepape (France), Shaoang Liu (Hungary)
Heat 5: Seo Riya (South Korea), Roberto Pukitis (Latvia), J.R. Celski (United States)
Heat 6: John-Henry Krueger (United States), Thibaut Fauconnet (France), Sjinkie Knegt (Netherlands)

10:46 — Sweden’s women’s hockey team beats Japan 2-1 in the first preliminary match. Japan was unable to force overtime despite an empty net and a power play advantage in the final 30 seconds.

10:16 — Sweden retakes the lead! Sara Hjalmarsson scores to put her country back ahead 2-1.

10:12 — Faceoff for the third period of the first preliminary round game between Sweden and Japan. The score is tied 1-1.

9:59 — End of the second period. Sweden and Japan locked at 1-1 after goals from Fanny Rask and Rui Ukita.

9:51 — Japan has leveled the score 1-1 against Sweden in the second period, Rui Ukita capitalizing on a defensive mistake from Sweden and slotting it home just outside the crease.

9:39 — Women’s Ice Hockey: Sweden leads Japan 1-0 in the second period in the first game of the preliminary round. Fanny Rask scored in the first period to give Sweden the lead.

8:55 — Carlotte Kalla of Sweden collects the first gold medal of the Pyeongchang Olympics, winning the Ladies’ 7.5 km + 7.5 km skiathlon. Marit Bjoergen of Norway gets the silver and Finland’s Krista Parmakowski the bronze in a Scandinavian sweep.

8:46 — Marit Bjoergen leads the field as the skiers enter the quarter of the race.

8:37 — Three Norwegians — Heidi Weng, Invild Flugstad Oestberg and Marit Bjoergen) lead as the skiers reach the pit stop ant change courses. Germans Katarina Hening and Victoria Carl in 16th and 17th respectively.

8:26 — German Victoria Carl leads the first half of the first 7.5-kilometer leg.

8:15 — The ladies’ 7.5 km + 7.5 km skiathlon has just started! Skiers must do two laps around two different courses, each course 3.75 kilometers. The skiers switch skies between the two.

8:11 — The medal events that will take place today…

Cross Country Skiing: Ladies 7.5-kilometer + 7.5-kilometer skiathlon (8:15)
Biathlon: Women’s 7.5-kilometer sprint (12:15)
Speed skating: Ladies’ 3000-meter (12:00)
Short track speed skating: Men’s 1500-meter (13:22)
Ski Jumping: Men’s normal hill individual (14:35)

8:00 — Good morning! The Winter Olympics are kicking into full gear after the opening ceremony in Pyeongchang. Below is some of the imagery from the opening festivities!

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