Citizens can ask Al-Sisi about his first term for 5 days: presidency

Sarah El-Sheikh
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is re-launching the “Ask the President” initiative for five days to receive inquiries from citizens regarding his first presidential term, according to state-run Akhbar Al-Youm on Wednesday.

The initiative will kick off on 10 January and end on 15 January on social media platforms to allow citizens to ask the president regarding their concerns and questions over different political, social, and economic issues.

The “Ask the President” initiative was launched in April 2017 on the sidelines of the third National Youth Conference that was held in Ismailia. In the previous conference, there were open sessions dedicated for the initiative in which the president answered questions from citizens.

This comes within the framework of the president’s keenness to communicate directly with all sectors of Egyptian society, to enhance trust and build dialogue between citizens and political leadership, Akhbar Al-Youm reported.

Egypt’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced that the 2018 presidential elections would begin abroad on 16 March and on 26 March in Egypt, during a press conference on 8 January.

Al-Sisi has not yet announced whether or not he would run for another term. Human rights lawyer Khaled Ali previously announced that he would run in the upcoming presidential election.

Moreover, former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq renounced two days ago his plans to run in the election, after previously saying that he would.
The last presidential elections were held in May 2014, when Al-Sisi won through a staggering 96% against the head of the Egyptian Popular Current, Hamdeen Sabahi.

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