Military Production Ministry handles bread, supply commodities system

Hossam Mounir
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this contract aim to maintain the quality of services provided and ensuring that bread and supply commodities reach beneficiaries.

The Information Systems and Computers Centre of the Ministry of Military Production and the Supply Commodities Authority have signed an agreement, according to which the centre will handle the management and supervision of the operation of the bread and supply commodities system using the smart family card.

According to Minister of Military Production Mohamed El Assar, the contract stipulates that the Military Production Ministry connects between the three companies implementing the issuance of the family card and the Ministry of Supply in order to facilitate the procedures required to issue cards in replacement of lost and ruined cards electronically, in a process that requires no more than seven business days.

El Assar added that this will take place through the Information Systems and Computers Centre hosting a secured unified database through which citizens’ national ID numbers can be confirmed and it can be verified that they are eligible for the support. El Assar pointed out that this electronic system will save the energy and time required by citizens to issue cards.

El Assar stressed his keenness to follow up on the work of this system through allocating qualified staff, preparing a call centre service to answer citizens’ questions, and updating citizens’ data—all through starting a website and making all reports and statistics of the system available on it.

For his part, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali Meselhy said that this contract is a continuation of the cooperation between the Ministry of Military Production, the Ministry of Supply, and the concerned bodies in the state, with the main aim of maintaining the quality of services provided to citizens and ensuring that bread and supply commodities reach the real beneficiaries. He stressed his confidence in the Military Production Ministry’s abilities. The ministry has been able to update the supply cards and deliver them according to specific schedules, as well as keep the confidentiality of information provided to it.

According to Meselhy, based on the contract, the Information Systems and Computers Centre is preparing for hosting the central database of the system in accordance with the standard specifications of the state to ensure unification and protection of the data and implementing all development works while preventing any breaches that may occur.

Meselhy added that he is keen on following up on the delivery of all the data required by the centre in order to facilitate the process and avoid any delays that may be an obstacle in the way of the system’s work, in order to ensure speed and accuracy, as well as adhering to the schedules announced to citizens.

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