Informa, Egypt Automotive ally to launch 4th annual automotive summit

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Informa and Egypt Automotive have announced their alliance to present a fourth edition of the annual summit for car manufacturing for 2017 in December at the Conferences Hall in Nasr City.

This partnership between Informa, Egypt Automotive, Art Line, and ECGITF aims to cooperate in presenting the annual event for companies and local and foreign investors who are interested in car manufacturing and feed-in industries, which represent a path to enable industries and enhance the local market’s competitiveness in regional competitions in the car market.

Egypt Automotive launched the annual summit for cars over the past three years with participation of the government, the private sector, and foreign and local investors. It enhanced its partnership with Informa, which is the leading company in the exhibitions and conferences of the Middle East. A lot of success is expected for the 2017 summit, which will be taking place for three days in the Conferences Hall, coinciding with the feed-in industries exhibition organised by informa.

Mohamed Aboul Fotoh, the chairperson of Egypt Automotive, said that the alliance with Informa will enhance the annual summit of car manufacturing. “We will be presenting a conference that aims to support the Egyptian industry and activating the sector with solutions of experts and chairpersons of local and foreign companies,” he added.

For her part, Victoria Yang, the chairperson of Informa, said that the partnership with Egypt automotive in the summit will enhance the presence of informa in presenting conferences, such as Automech, Cityscape and the car feed-in industry fair to be held with the annual car summit.

The signing of the partnership contract was done in the presence of Ahmed Ghozay, the chairperson of ECGITF; Hosny Fouad, the managing director of Art Line; Hany Khafaga, the general manager of Automech Formula; and Moustafa Khalil, the manager of Automech exhibition in Informa.

It is known that ECGITF and Art Line are the main partners of Informa in organising the international exhibition of cars and production requirements. This year, Automech formula was separated from Autotech, which is specifically for spare parts and production requirements.

Autotech is the 24th Cairo International Exhibition for Spare Parts, accessories, car components, maintenance equipment, workshops, service stations, and feed-in industries. It is hosted by Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 10-12 December 2017.

The exhibition aims to enhance Egypt’s position to become a regional hub for North-South trade, especially since the exhibition succeeded in obtaining direct support from several organizations and bodies, including the Industrial Modernization Center, the Export Council for Engineering Industries, the Egyptian Association for Automotive Feeding Industries, and the General Authority for Industrial Development.


The exhibition is expecting to offer this kind of help through organizing a program for senior businessmen, including importers in the car sector from companies in the region and Africa to visit Egypt during the days of the exhibition to lead supply and agency contracts with major international companies which Autotech managed to attract to the region.

Moustafa Khalil expects this session to witness major success, especially after the participation of Egypt Automotive. The number of companies announced to be participating is over 100, which is expected to make this session strong.


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