Medhat Nafie discusses “Shoaib” in a literary salon at Alef bookstore 

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Sefsafa Publishing House held a ceremony to sign and discuss the novel “Shoaib” by Medhat Nafie, last Saturday evening at Alef Bookstore in Mohandeseen.

The meeting was attended by researcher Khaled Gouda who prepared a study on the novel and presented excerpts from it in the meeting.

The novel revolves around someone that is undergoing a number of psychological and societal conflicts in a contemporary era. These conflicts represent images of corruption in modern Egyptian society and the suffering of honourable people in confronting corruption as well as the world of money.

Medhat Nafie serves as general manager and member of the Supreme Executive Committee of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EgyX). Vice President of the Sustainability Committee of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).

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