Egyptian authorities foil illegal emigration of dozens to Italy, arrest smugglers

Daily News Egypt
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Two human smugglers were arrested and are facing investigations in Kafr Al-Sheikh as they were preparing to embark a group of illegal emigrants on a voyage to Italy via the fishermen’s village of Borollos, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Authorities also arrested and detained 47 citizens who wished to emigrate, state-media reported Saturday, saying that they included 26 Egyptians and 21 Eritreans.

Security forces raided a house where the smugglers had grouped the emigrants before boarding them on their trip.

According to Mubasher Kafr Al-Sheikh, a local news website reporting on the governorate, said that the smugglers planned to board emigrants on one of their fishing boats. The website further reported that another 13 people were arrested by coast guards, making the total arrested emigrants 60.

Egypt faces problems with continuing illegal emigration to Libya, a portal to Italy through the Mediterranean, but it is also a destination in itself, attracting Egyptians despite repeatedly reported dangers including terrorism threats.

This also comes as authorities recently detained African immigrants illegally sneaking in and out of the country.

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