5 musicians whose acting skills are probably worse than you think

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Whether they are opera stars or pop idols, when famous musicians test their skills in front of the camera, it doesn’t always turn out to be a success.Genre hopping is popular among celebrities that get bored with their day jobs. There are the soap stars that dabble in modeling, models that try acting, and actors that sing – and vice versa. But being talented in one area doesn’t necessarily mean you’re talented in others.

While some actors like Juliette Lewis (Juliette and the Licks) and Jared Leto (Thirty Seconds to Mars) manage to be just as successful with their music as they are with their films, not all renowned musicians who try their hand at acting do quite as well.

In 1984, for example, Sting played a small role as the villain Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in the science-fiction film “Dune.” He only had to speak two lines – but they were enough to prove he should have stuck to music.

And Sting isn’t alone. Click through the gallery above for more European musicians who have flopped on camera.

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