Sharqawi displays role of general contracting companies during forum

Hossam Mounir
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Minister of Public Sector Affairs Ashraf Sharqawi will present the role of the state-owned general contracting companies in projects affiliated with the Holding Company for Construction and Development (HCCD) and in seizing the investment opportunities that will be provided by these projects, as well as how to invest in national projects, during his participation in the “Builders of Egypt” forum in its third session, which starts on 14 March.

Sharqawi will take part in the opening session of the forum—along with a group of ministers—to display the ministry’s plan for the next phase, in light of the current size of business available through national projects. This will provide an opportunity for construction companies to achieve good returns, as well as participate in projects offered by the private sector.

Sharqawi stressed that the HCCD must strengthen its financial centres, especially construction companies, in preparation for expanding its work abroad, whether in Arab or African countries.

The forum is entitled “The National Projects, a National Vision for the Future” and is expected to see wide governmental attendance, in addition to more than a thousand great leaders from Arab and international contracting companies, financial institutions, and real-estate development companies. This is to enhance communication channels with the most prominent pioneers of the construction sector and to exchange the latest experiences and best practices to shape the future.

Sharqawi will discuss the capability of the private construction companies to integrate with public companies in order to implement national projects that are planned in various sectors during the next phase, as well as resolving the outstanding problems between the two parties regarding their receivables.

The forum—organised by the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors—will witness the state’s announcement of the operational plans of many development projects that have been launched during the current year.

The forum will also discuss funding, energy, and challenges with the availability of building materials, developing a clear strategy and map to organise and direct the Egyptian construction companies to invest in them, along with working effectively on adopting policies and procedures to help companies apply sustainability and modern construction solutions to projects and facilities, in order to support the national economy.

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