Al-Sisi attends seminar held by armed forces on “evil powers”

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on Thursday attended a cultural seminar, held by the armed forces, discussing how “forces of evil” draw up strategies aimed at destroying the Egyptian state and inciting public opinion against it.

The parliamentary speaker, the prime minister, a number of army officials, and ministers were also present.

During the session, political analyst Abdel Moneem Saeed elaborated on those evil powers’ plans, mainly pointing fingers at the Muslim Brotherhood group. “They have two strategies; the first one is using militant groups to terrorise people on the ground, while the second one is using media outlets to distort the image of the state,” he said.

Saeed mentioned as an example, that when the New Suez Canal national project was launched, the Muslim Brotherhood spread lies that the Egyptian people will not benefit from the project and that it will be handed over to foreign investors.

“In another example, the Muslim Brotherhood started defending the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir as Egyptian lands through more lies and the promotion of the idea that the state was involved in a corrupted deal,” Saeed that.

The Red Sea islands maritime agreement was signed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia in April 2016. However, a group of local independent lawyers and leftist groups took their protest against ceding the lands to Saudi Arabia to court and obtained several verdicts by the Administrative Court, annulling the agreement.

The case is currently disputed before the Constitutional Court which is supposed to determine which state authority has the rights to decide on the agreement.

The seminar continued with a young soldier who spoke about the war on terrorism in Sinai, describing several operations launched against militant groups and paying respects to army martyrs.

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