Significant decline in quality of mobile voice services in November

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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A recent report published by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) for November showed a significant decline in the quality of voice services provided by the three mobile operators in Greater Cairo.

According to the NTRA report, approximately 25,226 mobile calls were examined through the networks of the three main service providers in Greater Cairo during November 2016. Out of the total calls examined, 67 calls were dropped, compared to only 29 calls in October, while the number of blocked calls amounted to six.

The NTRA’s data showed that Vodafone performed best among the three companies in terms of voice service quality. The examination placed 8,466 calls over the provider’s network, only 12 of which were dropped.

The voice services of Orange were examined through 8,427 calls, three of which were blocked, while 24 calls were dropped.

Etisalat Egypt’s voice services were examined through 8,333 calls; one call was blocked, while 31 calls were dropped.

All three mobile operators—Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat—did not exceed the 2% maximum limit for blocked calls that the NTRA had set for the providers, while Etisalat Egypt exceeded the maximum limit for dropped calls.

Regarding mobile internet services, the NTRA report showed that there was a significant improvement in quality during November compared to October.

The service was examined through 10,369 connection attempts through the networks of the three operators, of which only one attempt was blocked compared to 17 attempts in October.

The NTRA conducted 3,385 connection attempts via the Vodafone network, of which none dropped out or were blocked. Etisalat’s network had 3,417 internet connection attempts carried out on it, with no blocks or drops. Orange’s network had one blocked attempt out of 3,567.

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