Court to issue another verdict on Hisham Geneina in October

Sarah Nazeer
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The New Cairo Court decided on Sunday that it will issue the final verdict on a case involving former head of the Central Auditing Organisation (CAO), Hisham Geneina, and Al-Tahrir journalists, Huda Abou Bakr and Ismail Al-Wasimy, on 23 October.

The defendants are accused of spreading false information and misleading the public.

The case started when Hisham Geneina claimed in local media that former justice minister Ahmed Al-Zind sold a piece of land belonging to the Judges Club, which the latter headed at the time, to a relative.

Geneina previously received a one-year prison sentence following his recent allegations that government corruption had resulted in the loss of EGP 600bn in state funds.

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