It’s the Economy, My Dear!: a new book simplifies Egypt’s economical system

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Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin‎, economist and professor of commercial law,

While the Egyptian economic system is collapsing, prices are continuously increasing and poverty rates continue to get higher. Citizens are spending their time trying to understand the details of the economy of the country with little success.

In an attempt to acknowledge the works and thoughts of non-expert, ordinary citizens pertaining to the details of Egypt’s economic system, Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin‎, economist and professor of commercial law, launched his new book It’s the Economy, My Dear!

It’s the Economy, My Dear!: a new book simplifies Egypt’s economical systemKnown for his long standing political and economic experience as well as his academic background, Sarie-Eldin simplified the most complicated economic information into basic information in order to deliver them effortless to readers from different backgrounds.

Through a series of articles in his book, Sarie-Eldin exposes the reasons behind the regime’s spiralling debt, lack of resources and social justice, the erosion of the middle class, and other related issues of the Egyptian economy. He also provides applicable solutions for all these nagging problems.

The book targets people who seek to dig beneath the complicated surface of the economic system and try to understand more about the path Egypt is on as well as try to predict the future situation for the country.

“Throughout the book, I have sincerely tried to contribute to laying out fundamentals for a ‎clear-cut roadmap towards a brighter economic future,” said Sarie-Eldin. “This cannot happen without being ‎frank with ourselves about our nagging economic problems in a bid to set up a real reform ‎programme of clear-cut priorities helping us accomplish tangible economic renaissance in all ‎aspects of life.”

From his point of view, It’s the Economy, My Dear! does not introduce philosophies and academic theories away from reality. It demonstrates reform models derived from practical experience, which are applicable through clear-cut measures and visions that are in line with the critical situation of the Egyptian economy.‎

Introduced to the public by anchor Ebrahim Eissa, the 87 collected articles that Sarie-Eldin spent two years writing, are considered written illustrations of Egypt’s current and future lives.

‎”Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin boasts peerless experience in economics and investment that qualifies ‎him to provide an accurate reading based on logical, practical, and scientific grounds,” Eissa said. “He has a ‎profound knowledge of legal loopholes and governmental regulations that govern economic ‎activity.”


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