State Council rules in favour of setting minimum wage for journalists

Nadine Awadalla
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Ministry of Petroleum was requested to review the mineral resources law by the State Council (DNE photo)

The State Council ruled Wednesday in favour of calling on the prime minister and the minister of planning to set a minimum wage for journalists in Egypt.

The case was filed three years ago by Mostafa Abido, a journalist at the state-run newspaper Al-Gomhoreyya, and would oblige the government to take administrative action towards setting the minimum wage. It also suggested the minimum wage be set at EGP 5,000.

“Journalists constantly complain about how low their wages are and that’s the reason behind my bringing forth this case. We aren’t asking for something luxurious or to be spoiled; we’re asking for the minimum. And today, thank God, the court has ruled in our favour,” Abido said.

However, the call to set the minimum wage at EGP 5,000 was rejected by the court.

Abido told Daily News Egypt that he believed that number was a reasonable minimum to ask for.

The court was presided over by Judge Yehia Al-Dakroury and secretary Sami Abdullah.


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