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Non-commissioned police officer dies after sustaining injuries - Daily News Egypt

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Non-commissioned police officer dies after sustaining injuries

Anonymous gunmen attacked a police officer and two of his aides in Fayoum on Saturday

Non-commissioned police officer Mohamed Al-Sayed, 35, died on Monday after being wounded in an attack by anonymous gunmen in Tameyya, Fayoum on Saturday.

The attack on Saturday targeted another police officer, Mohamed Abdel Hamid, and two of his aides. Abdel Hamid was killed immediately and the two aides were injured, one of them being Al-Sayed who died Monday morning at a public hospital in Fayoum.

Militants opened fire against Abdel Hamid and his companions while they were driving a police car in Tameyya. The two other police officers were injured and were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Following the incident, the Interior Ministry issued a statement of solidarity for Abdel Hamid and the other injured police officer, and asserted that it is making all necessary efforts to arrest the suspects.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

A string of attacks have taken place in recent weeks against police officers, particularly in the North Sinai area. There have been some civilian casualties.


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