Internet acquires 300,000 more users in April

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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A report issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for the market in April showed that the three mobile carriers, Orange, Vodafone, and Etisalat, acquired 30,000 new clients in April, boosting the total number of mobile phone users to 95.29 million people. In March, the number stood at 95.26 million users—displaying a growth of 0.4% in April.

According to the report, the ratio of mobile phones to population registered 108.3% in April, from 108.2% in March.

The report also stated that the number of internet users in April increased by 300,000, pushing the total number from 33.3 million users in March to 33.6 million in April.

ADSL companies acquired 50,000 new subscribers in April, bringing the total number of ADSL subscribers to 4.05 million users, an increase from the 4 million users recorded in March.

Mobile network providers also attracted 200,000 new mobile internet users. The total figure of that service registered 26.08 million users in April, up from 25.8 million in March. USB internet users also rose by 10,000 clients, from 3.52 million users in March to 3.53 million in April.

Greater Cairo saw the largest segment of internet users, accounting for 44% of the total number of Egyptian internet subscribers. The Delta provinces followed second with 28% of subscribers. Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh accounted for 11% of users, similar to Upper Egypt provinces’ share. The Suez Canal, Sinai, and the Red Sea regions collectively accounted for 6% of the total number of internet subscribers.

The ministry’s report also showed a growth in landline subscribers, which is provided exclusively by Telecom Egypt. The number increased by 190,000 users in April. The figure increased the total landline subscribers to 6.09 million people from 5.9 million in March.

According to the report the number of post offices stood at 3,924 in March and 3,921 in February. Egypt Post established three new offices in March.

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