38.1% prefer Google Chrome in July

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A report issued by Static on the market shares of internet browsers in July showed that 38.1% of users worldwide prefer using Google Chrome.

Safari came in second with a market share of 27.6%, while Firefox came third with 21.04%.

Internet Explorer was ranked fourth, preferred by 11.33% of internet users, followed by its newer version Microsoft Edge, which acquired only 1.9%.

In terms of operating systems, the report stated that Windows 7 has the largest user base with 45% of the market in July, followed by Windows 8.1 with 14%. Windows 10 came in third with a market share of 11.8%, putting Microsoft at the top of the list with the three highest shares.

Mac OS was ranked fourth with a market share of 9.8%. Microsoft Windows XP came in fifth with a market share of 8.4%. The remaining shares were distributed among other operating systems.

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