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EgyptAir MS804 debris found in Israel to be confirmed: committee - Daily News Egypt

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EgyptAir MS804 debris found in Israel to be confirmed: committee

Remains of crashed plane in Mediterranean Sea located near Tel Aviv

The investigation committee of the crashed EgyptAir flight MS804 said Thursday that debris suspected to be from the aircraft has been found in Israel and will be transferred to Egypt for technical inspection to confirm if it belonged to the Airbus 320.

This comes after Israeli officials announced wreckage from the aeroplane was located on a beach north of Tel Aviv, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the John Lethbridge survey vessel continues to search at the site of the crash. Wreckage and human remains were collected last week, and investigations of the ‘black box’ are ongoing.

Initial results according to detected signals from the aeroplane point to the possibility of a fire occurring shortly before the crash that killed all 66 passengers on board on 19 May.

The flight was traveling from Paris to Cairo and disappeared off radar screens over the Mediterranean, shortly after leaving the Greek zone.

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