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15 Egyptian fishermen released from Sudan, Tunisia

Egypt’s embassy in Tunisia is consulting with authorities over the possible release of a fishing boat and three other men

The Egyptian consulate in Port Sudan said Monday that four Egyptian fishermen, who were being detained in Sudan, have been released and would be repatriated to Egypt.

The fishermen were detained last March after Sudanese authorities claimed they had entered Sudanese regional waters.

Egypt’s consular general in Port Sudan Hani Basiony told the state-run MENA news agency that the four fishermen are from Fayoum governorate. Sudanese authorities had accused them of fishing in the area without obtaining permission.

In an unrelated incident, Egypt’s ambassador to Tunisia Ayman Mosharafa said Tunisian authorities have released 11 Egyptian fishermen who were detained in April, adding that they will return to Egypt on Tuesday.

The 14 Egyptians were detained in Tunisia after their fishing boat was seized entering Tunisia’s regional waters.

The Embassy in Tunisia is now consulting with authorities to release the boat and another three men, including the boat’s captain.

Last month, Libyan authorities released 16 Egyptian fishermen from a village in Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate who had been held since July 2015.

Dozens of Egyptian fishermen have been detained in Libya and Tunisia in recent months.


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