Report to prosecutor-general demands arrest, travel ban of Al-Zind

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The prosecutor-general’s office received a report from lawyer Amr Abdel Salam demanding an arrest order be issued for former justice minister Ahmed Al-Zind as well as a travel ban.

In his report, Abdel Salam accused Al-Zind of degrading the Egyptian people and insulting religion in addition to disturbing national security, the reason behind his dismissal on Sunday.

Al-Zind’s televised statements made about the prophet earlier this week caused widespread backlash which resulting in his dismissal. Judicial personnel and lawyers were divided regarding their stance about the decision to fire him. Several lawyers filed reports against Al-Zind earlier before his expulsion accusing him of insulting religion, whereas other lawyers and Judges’ Club members showed solidarity with Al-Zind after he was dismissed.

Judge Magdy Al-Agaty was mandated to take over Al-Zind’s role as a temporary justice minister until a new justice minister is appointed. So far, no cabinet reshuffle is to occur, according to cabinet spokesperson Hossam Qawish.

Al-Agaty was recently appointed as deputy parliament secretary general in early February. He has spent years working in different high-ranking judicial institutions, and has been actively involved in the legislation process as a board member in the State Council since early the 1990s.

During his work in parliament, Al-Agaty initiated the electronic voting process for members of parliament in partnership with the Ministry of Communication. He objected to the presence of a technician sitting in the third floor of the main hall to operate the microphone in front of every member wishing to speak. In previous parliaments, a technician used to operate the microphone based on instructions from the parliament speaker.

“Electronic voting will organise work inside the parliament headquarters,” he said.

The public’s response to controversial statements made by officials is becoming more and more significant, as evidenced by Al-Zind’s dismissal, impacting decisions on the governmental level.

Al-Zind removal from office due to his controversial statements was not the first incident of its kind. He is notorious for his classist comments since he was head of the Judges Club. In 2012, he publicly stated that “sons of judges inheriting the job” is a process that will keep happening year after year, and that no power in the country can stop that.

Comments attributed to several other officials came under fire and led to their transfer or removal from their position, even if not always immediately following the comment.

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