IED disarmed in Alexandria, minor protests continue to be violently dispersed

Adham Youssef
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The table’s length reached 4.3 km (Photo by Aya Nader)

An improvised explosive device (IED) was disarmed in Alexandria Monday morning after civilians reported a suspicious object in Al-Max Street.

Police said the object was placed on the residential street by unknown persons, but explosives experts were able to disarm it.

The explosive experts found that the IED’s detonation mechanism was controlled by a remote control device.

Meanwhile, protests are ongoing in different parts of the country, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution.

State media reported four active demonstrations in Alexandria, composed mostly of women. It was reported that the protesters carried antigovernment banners and posters depicting the the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sign.

In 6 of October City, dozens demonstrated near Vodafone Square, denouncing the government and the police. They also raised posters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. However, riot police dispersed the gathering within 30 minutes of its formation.

In Kafr El-Shiekh, eyewitnesses said police forces fired tear gas at protesters, after an attempt to block the international road in the city using burned tires.

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