4 men killed in police raids in Giza and Beni Suef

Mahmoud Mostafa
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Security sources said the suspects exchanged fire with the police, according to reports from state media. Army handout

Two men that National Security Apparatus has alleged were involved in Thursday’s Haram Street explosion were killed Monday morning in a shootout with police forces in Giza’s 6 of October City. In addition to another suspect killed Sunday night, security forces have now killed three suspects allegedly involved in the blast.

Security sources said the suspects exchanged fire with the police, according to reports from state media.

Thursday’s blast left six policemen dead.

Security sources claim that the suspects were hiding in an apartment that was raided by the police.

Prosecution investigations following the death of the suspects revealed that they were fugitives who are involved in terrorist crimes, according to the state-run Ahram newspaper.

On Sunday night, another alleged suspect was killed in a raid by police forces in Giza’s Kerdasa neighbourhood, following reports that the suspects were using “a rented apartment as a storage for IEDs [improvised explosive devices]”, according to the Ministry of Interior.

According to the ministry, the police forces approached the apartment, where they came under fire of gunshots. Police responded and a gunfire exchange ensued.

Police forces then reportedly broke into the apartment, where they purportedly found the body of Mohamed Abdelhamid, whom the ministry identified as a Muslim Brotherhood member participating in a militant movement in Kerdasa.

The ministry also reported that a machine gun, ammunition, and two IEDs were found. The ministry said the IEDs were identical to the ones used in the Thursday explosion in Haram Street.

The Thursday explosion caused the collapse of a residential building on Giza’s Al-Haram Street in the Al-Lebiny neighbourhood. The collapsed building killed four civilians and left at least 15 people injured.

In Beni Suef, a similar raid led to the killing of M.H, 32 years old engineer, who was according to the prosecution hiding in a farm on the outskirts of Beni Suef.

A police force also raided the hideout before the killed started a fire exchange with the security personnel, according to the security sources account of the incident.

Anti government news outlets published in parallel news of an “anti-coup” protester who was killed by the police forces.

A source at the Ministry of Health, which first released the news of the killing, couldn’t confirm to Daily News Egypt if the two incidents are about the same person.


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