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Ethiopia violence is ‘internal affair’: Egypt

HRW cited 75 deaths after military forces fired at demonstrations

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zaid told reporters Monday that the current unrest in Ethiopia is an “internal issue”, adding that Egypt hopes for “continuing stability in the country”.

Abu Zaid added in a statement that “Ethiopia is an important African country”, whose stability and safety will benefit the continent.

Last week, 75 protesters were killed in Ethiopia after police fired on them, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

“Police and military forces have fired on demonstrations, killing at least 75 protesters and wounding many others, according to activists,” HRW said in a statement.

Protests took place in the cities of Haramaya, Jarso, Walliso and Robe.

Ethiopian security forces also arrested protesters, according to witnesses.

Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, are protesting against plans to build on their lands as part of the government’s Integrated Regional Development Plan, which aims to expand the Ethiopian capital’s jurisdiction to Oromia.

Addressing the population explosion in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian government sees the building of infrastructure that links the city to other neighbouring cities as a way to alleviate some of the pressure on public resources in the Ethiopian capital.

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  • tefex

    I know egypt support and back this resistance. why becouse of to keep dam constraction backward!

  • Baredu Oromo

    Egypt has the right to use Nile (which is Abbayaa in Afaan Oromo ) whose main tributaries are from Oromiyaa. We support our Egyptian brothers and sisters who depend on Nile to exist as a nation. The Oromo people have historical ties with the Nubains and Sudenesse of whom all of are Kushites.

    The Ethiopian government led by the Tigre minority ( Tigray People Liberation Front ) is using this dam to divert attentions from its repressive nature . Over the last two decades , they have been killing , torturing ,jailing innocent Oromo students , and displacing Oromo farmers from their ancestral land … So we appeal to the Egyptian people to stand with us in these difficult times.

    Oromo people has no worst enemy than Tigre government. Anything is welcomed that makes Tigre shifta removed from Oromia. The so called dam does not help Ethiopian people but Tigre an elites who sale every thing to fill their pocket. Right now they are selling power to Djibouti while even the capital city is in darkness. What hey are doing is looting and killing. If Egyptian are really serious about their future, they simply help us to remove Tigre from our land. We have enough rivers than Nile. There are so many rivers than Nile that Ethiopia can use for generating power. This GERD is the creation of Meles overnight to divert attention of the people
    from Arab Spring uprising.

    The Nile saga is a deliberate calculation designed by the TPLF government to gain political point to appease the public uproar against its dictatorial reign . Africans should know this deception.

    This is not the 1st time that the Tigre Minority militias have massacred Oromo students and unarmed civilians they have been killing us since they clinched power in 1991 after the fall of the communist government. This called Addis Master Plan –which is in fact Master Clan killer is the continuation of their policy of annihilating the
    Oromo people. Peaceful protests by the Oromo people have always been blamed on
    either Eritrea or Egypt .

    As a background, Addis Ababa (Finfinnee in Oromo language ) is located in the
    Oromia region but it was unjustly made an independent federal region. However,
    the Ethiopian constitution guaranteed that the Oromia region will have a special
    privilege over the capital. The rationales for this were that: the capital is
    located in the heart of Oromia, Oromo resources are used in its development and
    Oromo communities around the capital are exposed to severe urban pollution. The
    special privilege remained on paper but in the meantime Oromos suffered from
    the expansions of Addis Ababa. For instance, most Oromia rivers passing through
    or near Addis Ababa have been poisoned to catastrophic extents so much that
    fishing in them has become a thing of the past. Livelihoods of farming
    communities downstream are completely destroyed. Additionally, Addis Ababa has
    been deliberately made to aggressively encroach into Oromia region for the last
    two decades. In the process, farmers were evicted forcefully in large numbers
    from their ancestral lands with compensations that amounted to less than
    one-thousands of the value at which the authorities sold land to property
    developers. The once thriving Oromo farming community were made destitute,
    thrown onto the streets and making a living by working on property development
    sites as laborers or, still worse, as beggars on the streets of Addis Ababa.

    The people of Oromia are
    peace-loving people. The case in point : General Taddesse Birru by training
    Nelson Mandela has contributed to the freedom of South Africa. All Africans
    including Egyptian people have moral responsibility to help the Oromo free from
    the Apartheid regime in Addis Ababa.

    Oromiyaa shall be free !

    Long Live Oromiyaa ,,,,,, Long Live
    Egypt !

  • Hagos Seyoum

    I don’t know why is Egypt # 1 Enemy Ethiopia? And Egyptians They thing we Don’t know anything about them, we know very well that behind any thing every thing is Egypt.

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