Mourinho and Chelsea’s baffling mystery

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Chelsea trainer Jose Mourinho

The English team Chelsea continued its disappointing results in the Premiere League. After 10 rounds, the champion of the last season comes in 15th place, after it received its fifth defeat in the league,, in the away match against West Ham United (2-1).

The team’s supporters are afraid of a catastrophic failure this season.

The first defeat of the London team this season came in the away match against Manchester City  in the second round of the league, 3-0. After that, it received its second defeat in its stadium in the fourth round against Crystal Palace (2-1). Losing 3-1 to Everton in the fifth round was the third defeat for Chelsea. Southampton was responsible for the fourth defeat, beating Chelsea in London by 3-1.

Chelsea scored 19 goals, with a rate of 1.9 goals per match, while the team scored15 goals with a goal rate of 1.5 goals per match; the team stands at 11 points from three victories and two draws.

A lot of fingers have been pointed at Portuguese trainer Jose Mourinho, holding him responsible for the retreat in the level of the champion of the Premier League. Others criticised the weakness of the players this season and the obvious decline in their performance, and the absence of a fighting spirit.

The Portuguese trainer has recorded catastrophic figures exceeding the bad performance of Scottish trainer David Moyes, the former trainer of Manchester United. Under the leadership of Moyes, United was able to score 17 points during the first 10 rounds in the last season, while Chelsea scored only 11 points this season after the same number of rounds.

However, we cannot deny Mourinho’s role in helping Chelsea win many prizes in the two periods he managed the team. He led the team to obtain the Premiere League title three times, in addition to three Carling Cup titles. He led them to win the FA Cup one time, and the FA Community Shield once as well.

Mourinho’s crisis this season started early, and in a very strange way: the first spark was with the team’s doctor Eva Carneiro, when an altercation broke out between her and the Portuguese trainer after she entered the playground to cure Eden Hazard in the stoppage time during the confrontation with Swansea City, which came to an end with a draw (2-2). He strongly rebuked her, justifying this by claiming that she contributed to wasting more time.

The crises escalated when Mourinho blamed her for the result of the match, as if her entry into the field was the reason that led The Blues to this bad result at the start of the Premier League.

With her dismissal from the medical management of the team, things started to rapidly get worse, as rumours surrounded the dismissal. It was suggested she had sexual relationships with some players in the team, while another rumour suggested that Mourinho had asked to have sex with her, but that she had rejected his proposal, and therefore she was expelled.

The Chelsea crisis is not the first in  Mourinho’s training career. He already saw a similar crisis with Real Madrid, although not as disastrous. He led the Spanish team during the period between 2010 and 2013, during which he failed to win the Champions League; a tournament that has eluded Real Madrid and was the reason behind contracting the Portuguese coach at the time.

Over the course of three years, he only achieved three titles; the Spanish cup in his first year, the league in the second year and the Super Cup in the third year. The team was pushed out of the Champions League in the semi finals each of the three years, which resulted in his dismissal and the appointment of the Italian Carlo Ancelotti as his successor.

However, we should not forget the great history of the Portuguese coach, as he achieved many titles during his career. He succeeded in bringing 22 titles to the teams he coached; six titles with Porto, five titles with Inter Milan and three titles with Real Madrid, in addition to the eight titles with his current team Chelsea.

The pressing question that has not yet been answered is whether or not Mourinho is responsible for the fall of the team, or have the players of the team perhaps decided to get rid of him?

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