9 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in North Sinai

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9 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in North Sinai (AFP File Photo)
9 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in North Sinai (AFP File Photo)
9 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested in North Sinai
(AFP File Photo)

Nine Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested Sunday in North Sinai and referred to investigations for inciting violence and targeting army and police, state-run news agency MENA reported.

Other Broterhood members targeted a mobile operator’s station in Al-Arish. The matter is currently under investigation, MENA added.

Meanwhile, a security crackdown on militants in North Sinai resulted in the arrest of 20 individuals on Friday and the destruction of several hideouts.

“State of Sinai”, formally known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, claimed responsibility on Sunday for an IED explosion that resulted in “the burning and destruction” of a military vehicle in Rafah. Although a number of deaths reportedly occurred in the incident, an official statement was not released regarding the explosion.

The militant group, which primarily operates in North Sinai, claims most terrorist attacks in Rafah, Al-Arish and Sheikh Zuweid.

The armed forces and “State of Sinai” have been engaged in a propaganda struggle, with both parties posting videos and photos of operations in North Sinai.

The largest and most recent violence committed by the militant group was on 29 January, when “State of Sinai” launched coordinated attacks targeting several security facilities in North Sinai. The attacks left at least 30 security personnel dead, but the group claims to have killed “hundreds”.

Meanwhile, the armed forces are in constant implementation of security measures in North Sinai to counter the terrorist insurgency. Their initiatives were launched on 24 October, when a terrorist attack also left 30 security personnel dead.

The measures include: a limited state of emergency that will end on 25 April and the creation of a 5km long buffer zone along the Egypt-Gaza border, which involves the relocation of residents from the Rafah area.

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