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Demolition of Rafah continues in 2nd phase of Gaza buffer zone

Compensation for displaced families yet to be announced, according to North Sinai governor

Border evacuations began as the armed forces start to create a buffer zone along Egypt's border with Gaza in order to eliminate smuggling tunnels underneath the border.  (Photo by Google)
Border evacuations began as the armed forces start to create a buffer zone along Egypt’s border with Gaza in order to eliminate smuggling tunnels underneath the border.
(Photo by Google)

A total 313 houses have been demolished in the second phase of the Rafah buffer zone, out of a total of 1,220 houses marked for demolition in the area, state-run MENA news agency reported Saturday.

The second phase of the buffer zone involves the forced evacuation of 2,044 families. It covers a strip of land that is located between 1km and 500 metres from the Rafah-Gaza border. The first 500 metres of the buffer zone has already been established, in what authorities dubbed “phase one” of the plan.

North Sinai Governor Abdel Fattah Harhour told Daily News Egypt that the amount of money allocated as financial compensation for the families forced to evacuate during the second phase has yet to be decided; however, he said it would be no less than the amount allocated to displaced families in the first phase.

Egypt has allocated EGP 500m as compensation for people who had to leave their homes during the first phase, in addition to EGP 1,500 per family, disbursed in allotments of EGP 500 per month for a period of three months, prior to receiving the compensations for the value of their homes and lands.

The first phase involved the demolition of 837 houses and the displacement of over 1,000 families.

The buffer zone is one of several measures undertaken by the government to counter the insurgency in North Sinai. The announcement to create a buffer zone to destroy all the underground smuggling tunnels leading to Gaza came in the wake of the 24 October attacks on security personnel, which left at least 30 dead. “State of Sinai’, formerly known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, claimed the attacks.

The buffer zone was initially set to measure a 1km in width. However, Harhour lter announced the expansion of the buffer zone to cover an area extending 5km from the border.

The decision to expand the buffer zone came after the authorities discovered in December a tunnel that measured 1,700 metres and reached beyond the first and the second phase.

Earlier this month, the Egyptian armed forces reported they discovered and blew up a 1,200 metres tunnel containing weapons and explosives.

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  • Boss

    God bless the Armed Forces of EGYPT!!!!

  • Luv Life More

    The price of power is the destruction of Egyptian Rafah without the need for single Israeli bomb. This is the sad result when you allow a corrupt military dictatorship to take power!

    • BlueScreenOfDeath

      As opposed to the utterly vile regime of the pig Morsi, I suppose?

      • Luv Life More

        The “pig” Morsi was elected as your president by the majority of Egyptians in a the only free democratic election ever to be held in Egypt. You may be one of the minority that did not vote for him but you should accept the will of the people, and that is democracy. Military Dictatorships and police states do not respect individual human rights,religions or freedoms including yours! Be careful of what you wish for because you just get it and there will be no other free people to stand up for your rights.

        • BlueScreenOfDeath

          I am not Egyptian, for what it’s worth, so the pig Morsi is most definitely not my president.

          Morsi and the rest of the Moslem brotherhood are vermin, and sworn enemies of socially liberal civilisation, abd individual human rights are and always have been anathema to Islam, the name itself means “submission”, absolute and utter.

          Democracy does not comprise “one vote, once” as you seem to believe – especially when tat vote was corruptly obtained, as was the case in the Egyptian election.

          You really don’t have the first idea what you’re ranting about, do you? If the regimes that you espouse ever comes into being, “useful idiots” such as yourself will be the first to be disposed of.

        • si91

          Lol you apologize for a murderous, racist religious tyrant like Morsi yet whine about Israel? No one who cares about “standing up for your rights” or “justice” as you claim to can do so while standing by a thug like Morsi.

  • BlueScreenOfDeath

    It’s a pity Israel doesn’t create a similar interdiction zone covering the first 5 km inside the Gaza Strip.

    • Luv Life More

      It is all about might with you! Remembering the Holocaust70 right now. Hitler and Nazi Germany had the same ideas you just puked.

      • BlueScreenOfDeath

        A few million Jews versus one and a half billion Moslems all of whom are hell bent on destroying them and you talk about “might”?

        As to the Holocaust, you appear to be unaware of the pivotal role played in it by the vile Amin al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem and spiritual head of the Arab “Palestinians”, who persuaded Hitler to implement the “Final Solution”, which is still a major principle in the Hamas Charter.

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