Federation of Trade Unions condemns arrest of syndicate leader

Adham Youssef
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The Regional Federation of Delta Trade Unions condemned Sunday the arrest of Mahmoud Rehan, Vice President of the Worker’s Independent Syndicate at Cairo International Airport, describing the incident as “violation to labour rights”.

Rehan was arrested at Cairo International Airport by state security officials over charges of “belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group”, a charge which was then rejected by the prosecution.

The federation said in a statement that Rehan’s arrest is considered “an organised campaign against syndicate leaders”. It added that any opposition to the current government is met by “nationalist  rhetoric” to distort and abandon any the efforts of independent syndicates

“Rehan was fighting corruption in the his company and aimed to unveil corrupt managers, which subjected him to such violation”, the statement added.

“The arrest of Rehan will not stop leader of syndicates to fight corruption and demand more rights for workers”

The arrest of Rehan was condemned by both the Revolutionary Socialist movement and the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Rehan awaits investigation at Al-Nozha prosecution, said his lawyer Sameh Samir.

He was arrested over charges of “insulting the country’s president” and “revealing secrets that harm national security on his personal Facebook account”, Samir said.

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