Euromoney Conference: ETA marketing budget to be cut by 25%

Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi
1 Min Read


The Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) is planning to cut its $40m marketing budget by 25%, while reducing its participation in international and regional tourism exhibitions.

However, the ETA will continue taking part in international tourism bourses.

The authority has signed an agreement with a tourism marketing company operating in Egypt’s main tourist markets, including France, Italy, Germany, Britain, and the US.

Russia accounts for the largest proportion of tourism to Egypt, followed by Germany, France, Italy and Britain, according to data released by the ETA.

The association has faced vehement criticism in the last few months for having offices in 17 countries, while the number of tourists from those states failed to surpass 11 million over the last three years.

The Ministry of Tourism shut down three offices in Japan, Switzerland and Canada as tourists who visit Egypt from those countries did not exceed 100,000 per year.

Officials say that the ETA is planning to cooperate with privately-held tourism firms to promote Egypt’s tourism destinations in international tourism bourses.

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