Sustainable development encouraged in Egypt

Sara Aggour
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The German-Arab chamber of Industry and commerce (GACIC) organized the “Sustainable Building Conference”, on November 6, with the aim to redefine urban challenges in light of the democratic transition of the society.

“The topic of the event, democratic transition and sustainable communities, exactly costume tailored to what we are living and experiencing in Egypt,” said Rainer Herret, the CEO of the GACIC.

Among the attendees was Ibrahim Mahlab minister of housing, utilities and urban development who expressed his happiness for the presence of foreigners amongst the conference attendee, adding: “After two revolutions, after one year of long long nightmare and darkness, there was big change in Egypt. A lot of international communities didn’t understand this is a message to all of you will to your countries and pass the message that this is a unique revolution.”

“As a minister of construction, I do have a lot of challenges. The biggest challenge is how to build affordable and sustainable housing. I think the only way to go is through scientific research,” Mahlab said.

“Our sustainable development strategy poses a host of business opportunities in the public and private sector,” he added

The two day conference entailed twelve sessions among which were the informal settlements transition and opportunities, building technologies, carbon footprint and new materials, built environment and urban harmony, cultural challenges, capacity building, and heritage and tourism.

Discussing the Suez Canal national project, the minister said “This is a national project. We are really taking it very seriously as our national project for the next decade.”

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