NSF calls for presidential elections before parliament

Aaron T. Rose
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In a Tuesday meeting at Al-Wafd party headquarters, National Salvation Front assembly chief Sayed Abdel Aal said that Egyptian presidential elections should come before election of a parliament.

In a speech discussing the political future of Egypt, Abdel Aal also said that it is necessary to build on a consensus of the people, and he also warned of the potential for instability from radicals and other political actors.

“The National Salvation Front was formed in the defining moment of the history of Egypt to face the attempted kidnapping of the homeland by the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Abdel Aal.  “We are facing the new beginning for building the nation on the basis of a national consensus to build a future worthy of the people who revolted on 25 January and 30 June, but some extremist forces wanted to transform the political conflict to terrorism and violence that threatens the stability and the safety and security of the nation and the citizen.”

The National Salvation Front was created in 2012 in response to controversial decrees by deposed President Mohamed Morsi. It has been led by a number of prominent political figures such as Nobel Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei and Mubarak-era foreign minister Amr Moussa.

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Aaron T. Rose is an American journalist in Cairo. Follow him on Twitter: @Aaron_T_Rose
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