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Coup leaders must apologise: Essam El-Erian

In video statement, wanted high-ranking Brotherhood member claims General Al-Sisi's roadmap is a replica of Morsi's

Vice chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party Essam El-Erian (AFP File Photo)
Vice chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party Essam El-Erian
(AFP File Photo)

The nation is in a crisis, and the leaders of the coup must admit fault, said vice chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party Essam El-Erian in a Sunday statement.

El-Erian explained that the “crisis is due to a diversion from the democratic path…we are in dire need to evaluate dialogue and secure democracy,” and added that the “putschists’ confession will allow dialogue to be opened once more.”

The prosecution released an arrest warrant for El-Erian on 10 July for his role in inciting violence during the Republican Guard events, which led to the death of 52 pro-Morsi supporters.

Regarding the current political situation and the roadmap announced by the military and government, El-Erian said that what Mohamed Morsi proposed before he was ousted is an exact copy of “the putschists’ roadmap”.

“This crisis has destroyed Egypt’s economy, the people’s unity, tourism and the prospect of democracy while also exhausting the country’s monetary reserves,” El-Erian stated.

The influential Muslim Brotherhood member is currently in hiding after the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in dispersal. Several other leaders were arrested, including Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and high ranking member Mohamed Al-Beltagy. This is his third statement since the dispersal.

El-Erian asked for the “massacres to be investigated” and “those responsible have to be tried before  a revolutionary court… the president and legitimacy have to be reinstated to continue the original roadmap.”

El-Erian called the current Constituent Assembly a “flawed assembly, whose members are motivated by personal gains and not national gain… they will not agree over anything.”

In the wake of the statements, the national coalition for legitimacy released a statement saying that students will “demonstrate” within schools and universities, praising them for “disrupting the plans of the coup organisers.”

The coalition explained that the students were not  “tricked into ending their demonstrations”, accusing the regime of offering bribes of waiving school and university fees.

The alliance also condemned the referral of students to disciplinary boards when they express anti-military remarks.

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  • Reda Sobky

    Dear Mr. El Erian, From one Egyptian to another of a similar age, let me tell you, this does not sound good at all. You are blaming your adversaries for what has happened to you and the deposed without taking any responsibility for what happened. Do you think things would have turned out this way if the deposed had graduated their entry into power giving space for others to participate and would have genuinely accommodated women and minorities and included and protected them? Just the terror against women on the street manifesting as attacks of a sexually violent nature that continued to occur, that made half the Egyptian population know that if you hold onto power they will be chronically mistreated and their rights pushed back. Half, right there, lost to you. Nobody succeeds anywhere in anything without the support of women especially now that the economic and voting power of women is determinative frequently. Next you alienated all minorities and by definition their co ethnics abroad turned on you. Just those two groups would be fatal for any party. Then you alienated the youth who had won the day for the revolution and then the money centers by your extreme ideas plus the atmosphere drove away the tourists. You were unwilling to compromise to reach a consensus at all and by so doing you radicalized everybody against you and they wanted to remove you but you negated the chance of institutional impeachment so you forced them to have a street impeachment by 14 million and the army carried out that instruction from the people to depose you and reclaim the stolen trust and reinvest in the people again so they can produce a real document they can live by, not your phony one. Everybody is sick of corrupt behavior in Egypt, fad el kayl, and it became clear that you are from the world everybody wants to leave behind-the Mubarak anti Mubarak world which is now obsolete and a new consensus is emerging that includes women, youth and minorities and peace loving righteous Egyptians to found and run the third republic. I think you should just eat it, lick your wounds and return having purged yourself of the righteous victim role and make sense for a change.

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