Gaza Tamarod’s founding conference to be held in Cairo

Fady Ashraf
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Gaza’s Tamarod campaign will hold its founding conference in Cairo, the group announced in a Sunday statement.

The conference will serve as a starting point for reuniting the Palestinian people, the statement said, as “the Palestinian division destroyed the Palestinian cause, and weakened its people’s resistance against the Zionist occupation.”

They added that their goal is toppling “Hamas’ fascist regime in Gaza, which kills, tortures and starves Gaza’s people” and “destroys the Palestinian cause’s legitimacy.”

“The people of Gaza will revolt against those killers,” the statement said, “and will not be intimidated with threats posed by the government or its brigades.”

The campaign said that Cairo’s coordinating committee was assigned to prepare for the conference, which is expected to be held within the third week of October. The conference, according to the statement, will include all spectra of the Palestinian community, and will aim to define criteria of political work in Gaza and to re-unite the Palestinian people.

The campaign announced its appreciation of the Egyptian role in supporting the Palestinian cause.

The concept of Tamarod originated in Egypt as a signature campaign against ousted president Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, with which Hamas is strongly affiliated. Similar campaigns have emerged in Brotherhood-led regions, such as Tunisia and Gaza.

Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement, has been governing Gaza since June 2007, during which time it has organised no elections.

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