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Solar energy plant starts operations with capacity of 90 KW in New Tiba City (DNE Photo)

Solfocus to introduce affordable solar energy technology

By Reem Nafie
Daily News Egypt

CAIRO: SolFocus, Inc., whose mission is to enable solar energy generation at cost parity with fossil fuels, has announced its interest in establishing a subsidiary in Egypt that will work to generate electricity.

“With its abundant sunshine and land resources, the Middle East region is ideally suited to benefit from the substantial opportunity for solar energy,” Gary D. Conley, chairman and CEO of SolFocus Inc., told Daily News Egypt.

SolFocus provides solar energy generation at a cost equal to or better than traditional electric generation from natural gas, oil, and even coal by utilizing technology that eliminates cost barriers.

Conley was in Egypt to give a keynote address titled “Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) to deliver solar energy at cost parity with fossil fuels,” part of an executive session at the International Conference on Sustainable Energy. He explained the company’s technologies and how sunny regions like the Middle East and North Africa are ideal for solar energy production.

“Specifically, we believe SolFocus CPV technology, which concentrates a large amount of sunlight onto a small amount of active solar material, can provide the region with the greatest amount of energy at the lowest cost. This is especially relevant in a location like Egypt that is looking for promising technology to bring solar energy generation to cost-parity with energy generated using fossil fuels,” he said.

SolFocus develops and markets solar concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems, trackers for CPV and flat panel PV installations, and is expanding into other solar technologies such as solar thermal.

Founded in 2005 with a focus on reliable, low-cost, high-volume manufacturability, SolFocus solar systems and solutions can reduce the cost of delivering renewable solar energy, and ultimately compete with conventional fuels in several large, multi-billion-dollar en

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