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 Most read columns for our regular writers:

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Farid Zahran: When will the west pay the price for its support of political Islam in the Arab world?

6-3 Farid Zahran

The west continues to think of Egypt in traditional colonial terms, and for that reason supports conservative, reactionary regimes on the condition that they help preserve the west’s strategic interests, regardless as to which particular methods of repression they choose to use.

Farid Zahran is a publisher and writer. He is the co-founder of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party


Gamal Eid: From the other side: Bahrain’s Revolution and President Morsy

6-2 Gamal Eid

To date, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy’s disregard for the Bahraini revolution has no explanation other than the fact that it is set against a background of either democracy or hostility to Shi’as, both of which are unacceptable.

Gamal Eid is a prominent Egyptian human rights lawyer and executive director of the Arabic Network of Human Rights Information (ANHRI)


Dr H A Hellyer: A mother of many sons and daughters

Dr H.A. Hellyer
Dr H.A. Hellyer

Egypt has a choice in the coming days, weeks, months and years. That choice never changes, because it continues to be a challenge to live up to the right choice. Will she be umm al-dunyah for all sons and daughters of Egypt?

Dr H A Hellyer, a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution, is a Cairo-based specialist on Arab affairs, and relations between the Muslim world and the west. Fellow at ISPU, he was previously senior practice consultant at Gallup, and senior research fellow at Warwick University.


Mahmoud Salem (Sandmonkey): The new elite

Mahmoud Salem

The Elite dynamics in Egypt has very little to do in terms of personal achievement or fame, but more to do with how connected you are with the people in power

Mahmoud Salem is a political activist, writer, and social media consultant.


Mustafa Salama: Thou shall fear Salafis

Mustafa Salama
Mustafa Salama

While many Islamists have thought that finally silly accusations and sweeping generalizations about them will be dropped after the Arab spring; still every now and then, we get prejudice wrapped with pseudo-intellectualism to explain the ultimate truth about Islamists and especially Salafis

Mustafa Salama is a Political Researcher and a Freelance Journalist. He has an extensive academic background on Islamist movements and Middle East Affairs. Salama holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Political Science from the American University in Cairo.


Shahira Amin: Are Egyptians Arabs or Africans

Shahira Amin

On Egyptian identity and how Egyptians perceive themselves

Shahira Amin is an award-winning freelance journalist and former Deputy Head of Nile TV. Amin is also a longtime contributor to CNN International.


Ziad Akl: The Muslim Brotherhood from within

Ziad Akl


“The Muslim Brotherhood is an organisation that tattoos your soul, molds your mind, brands your ideas and at every moment suppresses the free play of your powers”

Ziad Akl is a political sociologist and a Middle East specialist at the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. He is a senior researcher at the Egyptian Studies Unit and managing editor of the periodical “Egyptian Affairs.”


Special thanks to our guest columnists:

(In alphabetical order)

Farah HalimeRebel Economy Wrap

Farah Halime
Farah Halime

Egyptian pipe dreams? Final, final draft of economic plan. Another fanciful pipe dream or is this a realistic ambition?

Farah is a business journalist and founder of Rebel Economy, a blog focused on how regional economies are rebuilding after the Arab Spring


Philip Whitfield: Morsy’s ghost

6-1 Philip Whitfields

Morsy’s in an invidious spot. If he tries being a healing president he’s toast with the Muslim Brotherhood. If he’s arbitrarily Procrustean, he’s dead meat with the rest.

Philip Whitfield is a Cairo commentator


Nervana Mahomoud:  Morsy’s Stepchildren

 Nervana Mahmoud

Eighty years of a mushrooming underground within Egyptian society has resulted in deep mistrust of mainstream establishments. Islamists view members of these establishments and other non-Islamist forces with deep suspicion and consider them elitist, anti-religious snobs

Nervana Mahmoud is a doctor, blogger and writer on Middle East issues


Most read columns for our staff members:

(In alphabetical order)

Adel Heine: Judging a woman by her cover

Adel Heine

The one page guide of pictures, handy for those of us who do not read, makes it clear once and for all what the pecking order of respectability is

Adel Heine is DNE’s Art& Culture, Lifestyle and Tourism Editor


Maher Hamoud: Editor’s letter: Voting for God

Maher Hamoud
Maher Hamoud

I believe pushing the people to vote “Yes” on such a defective constitution by appeals to God is the biggest sin against him. It is blasphemy, committed by Islamists.

Maher Hamoud is DNE’s Chief Editor


Mohamed Bahrawy: The Armed Forces Inc.

Mohamed El-Bahrawi

Ending military rule is not just a bleak prospect; it is unequivocally a far-fetched dream.

Mohamed Bahrawy is DNE’s Business Editor


Rana Allam:  Of women and sex

Rana Allam
Rana Allam

Ignoring that the current situation of women in Egypt is already difficult, they are being sexually assaulted in broad daylight on the streets, and  beaten up and raped in their own homes, and no one seems to care to put in one  clause in the constitution protecting them from violence

Rana Allam is DNE’s Managing Editor


Sara Abou Bakr:  Egyptian women and Morsy

Sara Abou Bakr 2

The disintegrating legitimacy of Morsy and his brotherhood may require just one last push to disappear; Egyptian women.

Sara Abou Bakr is DNE’s Politics Editor



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