Sinai peacekeeping forces attacked

Sara Abou Bakr
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By: Nasser El-Azzazy
By: Nasser El-Azzazy

By Nasser El-Azzazy

Unidentified armed men attacked a Multinational Force of Observers (MFO) peacekeeping patrol
near an MFO base in northern Sinai near Thursday morning, with no injuries reported.

According to security sources in Sinai, the patrol was attacked on its way back to the MFO
headquarters in the Jura region of northern Sinai, about 20 km from the border with Gaza and Israel.
The driver escaped in the vehicle, which was hit several times, fleeing to the MFO base in Chlaq
village two km from Sheikh Zuwaid City.

Witnesses said the armed men fired on the MFO vehicle using automatic weapons.

On Wednesday, security forces opened fire on demonstrators staging a protest condemning Israeli
practices in the Gaza Strip in front of the MFO Camp, which left one person dead and another
wounded. However military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Mohammed denied the protest in support
of Gaza, claiming it was instead demanding the dropping of charges in absentia against certain Sinai

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