Hundreds march to Arab League in solidarity with Gaza

Ahmed Aboulenein
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Hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Arab League headquarters in protest at Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

The march started from Omar Makram Mosque in Tahrir Square and included members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was joined by a women’s march demanding Egypt severs ties with Israel and closes down the Israeli embassy.

Protesters also demanded the opening of the Rafah crossing, the cancelation of the Camp David treaty and the provision of political and logistical support to Gaza. “Rulers of the country open the door for jihad,” and “the people demand the shelling of Tel Aviv” were among the predominant chants.

A similar protest took place on Wednesday night when dozens marched to Talaat Harb Square.

President Mohamed Morsy ordered the withdrawal of Egypt’s ambassador from Israel and tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with delivering a strongly worded message to Israel’s ambassador in Egypt, who left the country on Wednesday night. Morsy also called for emergency meetings of the Arab League and United Nations Security Council.

Israel launched operation Pillars of Defence on Wednesday, which it claims is aimed at neutralising the threat of rocket attacks from Gaza.

Over 11 Palestinians have been killed so far, many of which civilians, including at least two children, one of them less than one years old. Over 60 were injured. Among those killed was Ahmed Jaabari, a senior commander in the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing. Hamas responded by launching rockets into Israel, killing at least three Israelis.

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