Mubarak health better, says medical team member

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CAIRO: Ousted president Hosni Mubarak did not go into a coma and his health is "relatively" improving, his medical team said Monday in response to circulating news about his health deteriorating.

A member of the medical team supervising Mubarak’s treatment denied Monday reports that the ousted president entered a coma and said that his health is "relatively" improving.

"Mubarak is receiving treatment for the 22nd day at the Sharm El-Sheikh Hospital and has shown little improvement in eating food and receives his meals on time," the source told Daily News Egypt.

The physician denied press reports saying Mubarak has not been eating or drinking for six days, explaining that no human body can bear all this time without food or water.

"The psychological factor is very important; we asked him for the second time to receive psychological treatment but he refused and it is his right," the source added.

Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud said last week that Mubarak cannot be transferred to Tora Prison, its hospital or a military hospital given his poor state of health.

The prosecution said it had been told by Minister of Interior Mansour El-Essawy that Mubarak’s health "indicated the need for continuous monitoring which is only available in hospitals with highly skilled personnel and equipment, which does not currently allow his transfer."

Mubarak has been detained at the Sharm El-Sheikh International Hospital since April 12 on charges of being involved in the killing of protestors during the early days of the January 25 Revolution as well as corruption charges.

His detention was extended for 15 days on April 22.

A security source in South Sinai told Daily News Egypt that they had not received any orders to move Mubarak to another hospital and that the intensive security around the hospital is for general security reasons not to secure Mubarak.

The prosecutor had ordered making necessary arrangements at the prison hospital to transfer Mubarak there.

The hospital lacks intensive care facilities that would reportedly need one month to be installed.

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