Rate of pinkeye infections slowing down, says ministry

Safaa Abdoun
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CAIRO: The number of people infected with conjunctivitis, also referred to as pinkeye, has decreased by nearly 50 percent and the rate of infection is slowing down, Ministry of Health spokesperson Abdel Rahman Shahin said.

The total number of cases infected with pinkeye reached 3,030 on Thursday, mainly located in three governorates, Daqahliya, Port Said and Damietta, according to the ministry.

Shahin negated reports saying that the number has increased in Port Said and added that it is also decreasing in Daqahliya.

The majority of cases are located in Daqahliya, where 2,511 cases were reported; there are 327 cases in Port Said and 192 in Damietta.

Minister of Health Hatem El-Gabaly pointed out during a cabinet meeting Sunday that the main reason behind the outbreak is the black cloud stemming from rice straw burning, which causes high rates of pollution. He ruled out shutting schools because of the outbreak.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or an infection of the transparent membrane, conjunctiva, that lines the eyelid and part of the eyeball.




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