Petrojet play down attack, slam Zamalek

Omar AbdelAziz
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CAIRO: Petrojet assistant coach Hani Al-Okabi accused Zamalek of making a problem out of nothing as he insisted that the trouble caused by Suez-club fans was negligible.

Following their 3-2 win on Sunday, Zamalek issued a statement condemning an attack on the team s bus by a minority of supporters in Suez.

However, Al-Okabi says the incident presents nothing against what happened to his side in Cairo after the first game last year, which Petrojet won 2-1.

We were astonished by Zamalek s statement even though the incident was negligible, the former Ahly midfielder told

It was just a couple of stones that hit the bus making absolutely no impact.

We have been subjected to a much serious ambush in Cairo after the first match with Zamalek, yet the board chose not to go public.

Al-Sayed Hamdi and Mohamed Shaaban were viciously attacked and followed by a number of Zamalek fans, forcing them to hide inside a building.

The cars of Ahmed Fawzi and Alaa Ibrahim were completely destroyed and a supporters bus was stoned. It cost us a total of LE 50,000.

I wonder where the Zamalek board was when all this happened.

It seems that they ve decided to make this move because they know they will be sanctioned after the fireworks from their fans stands.

Zamalek fans rained the Petrojet Stadium with fireworks after scoring the second goal, forcing the referee to stop the match for a while.

Off-field unrest has never been an issue between Zamalek and Petrojet before this season, which witnessed two thrilling games involving eight goals.

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