Polluted Atmosphere in Copenhagen?

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COPENHAGEN: Just when you thought the toxic clouds of “Climategate had lifted, the atmosphere at the UN’s summit in Copenhagen was polluted once again.

The Danish Text – as it s being dubbed – is a framework document devised by the Danes. So far, so good, but here s the important bit: if adopted, it would give rich nations significant power over the billions of dollars that would be distributed to poorer countries as part of any agreement.

What role this paper plays in final negotiations is unclear, but it s the secret nature of the proposal that is causing such uproar here. Developing countries see it as deeply troubling. They claim it s a covert effort to exclude them from the meat-and-potatoes bargaining ahead.

Both the Danes and the UN have dismissed the uproar, maintaining the proposal is far from final. Let s face it – there will be a lot of horse trading going on here. After all, this is the end of a very long period of negotiations, and we perhaps shouldn t expect anything less. However, it s highly unusual that back-room negotiations would spill onto the floor of the halls with such ferocity.

The next couple of days will prove whether the risk of breakdown that is now being mooted will actually materialize. What had been expected to be a quiet first week has suddenly taken on rather more lively character.

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