Trivial questions, birthday song mar Lucy Liu conference

Dalia Rabie
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Being a major Hollywood actress, Lucy Liu must have attended her share of press conferences. But nothing could have prepared her for being serenaded with a happy birthday song by the moderator.

Egyptian singer/actress Bushra, who was the press conference’s moderator, broke out into a Happy Birthday song when a member of the press pointed out that Liu’s birthday was coming up – in December.

Although Liu was eager to talk about her humanitarian work and her involvement in different causes, specifically related to children, during her press conference, she was bombarded with the traditional questions about her impression of Egypt, her Asian background and, you guessed it, President Barack Obama.

Liu described her trip as “life-changing, speaking of the history and warmth that is rooted in the country.

“There’s an energy in the air that creates an excitement . you should all be very proud of your country, Liu said.

She recognized the mathematical as well as astronomical influence Egypt had on the rest of the world and expressed her fascination with the ancient Egyptians’ attention to detail be in their artifacts or jewelry.

“These people believed so strongly in something that they put that much work into it, she said, “it’s incredible.

Bushra, who kept referring to the Hollywood actress as “Miss Leo, then interrupts with her personal insight, expressing dismay that “some people still think we live in pyramids and ride camels.

Liu said that while the ancient Egyptian’s culture is the foundation, “it is very clear that there is a modern Egypt.

Liu then received a question about her impression of Egyptian filmmaking and if it can compete with the foreign industry, to which she so diplomatically replied that every film has its own essence to it. “‘Competition’ is a very strange word to me, she said.

She added that Egyptian cinema has inspired so many people owing to the country’s “dramatic background, which she says has not faded.

Members of the press then proceeded to ask Liu random questions about diversity, the recession, President Obama and, a personal favorite, if she “likes to make movies that represent [her] Asian soul.

“Well, I’m Asian, I don’t know if my soul is Asian . who knows, maybe my soul is Egyptian, she joked.

Liu was also asked about her role as the founder of a random organization she was not familiar with, as well as why she hasn’t acted in any political movies.

“I have acted in political movies actually, it’s sad the smaller movies don’t get seen, she told Ezzat Abou Ouf, who was on the panel, as he nodded in agreement.

Liu also spoke about her experience working with director Quentin Tarantino in “Kill Bill, describing him as exceptional and creative who has a love for life and for cinema.

It was clear that Liu was trying to seize any opportunity to raise awareness about her humanitarian work and talk about a documentary she co-produced and narrates about the sex trade of children in Cambodia.

“It is just human to reach out when you’ve been this fortunate . if you have something you can share then share it, she said.

Being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Liu said she conducted program visits in Egypt and lauded the government’s “positive involvement in helping children.

She explained that she is specifically focusing on children’s issues through her humanitarian work “because they are so vulnerable.

“It is not a second career, it is part of my life, she said, “it might not be the sexiest topic in the world but it is really important to me.

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