Ayman Nour claims security attacks, as NDP MP heads a counter campaign targeting "Zionist agents"

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CAIRO: In a press conference at Al-Ghad party s headquarters Downtown Sunday, founder of Al-Ghad Ayman Nour accused security forces of thwarting his tracking tour of President Mubarak’s son, Gamal Mubarak in Luxor, Qena and Hurghada.

Nour said that when he followed Gamal Mubarak to Naga Hammadi in Upper Egypt, he was chased out by security and had to escape to go from Naga Hammadi to Qena.

“But although the Egyptian press reported that the people of Naga Hammadi didn’t welcome us and that we were deprived from attending Friday prayers there, the opposite is true. We prayed in Omar Ibn El-Khattab mosque and the people of Naga Hammadi welcomed us, even though we hadn’t announced our visit ahead of time, said Nour.

During another visit to Hurghada in the Red Sea, Nour claims that security forces had dictated to Le Roi Hotel to hang pictures of President Mubarak in the elevators, restrooms, bar, swimming pool “to the extent that the tourists were getting scared.

Ahmed Abdel Gawad, Nour’s media coordinator, said that they could not leave the restaurant of the hotel because the entrances were blocked by people chanting the President’s name.

“We were beaten by security and they took my camera, Abdel Gawad said, adding that a women from the ruling National Democratic Party [NDP] called him in his hotel room and warned them to leave before they get seriously hurt.

“Tracking Gamal Mubarak is part of the Ghad party’s activities, said Nour.

But tracking Nour has become the activity of deputy head of the PA’s legislative committee Omar El-Taher, who confirmed to Daily News Egypt in a telephone interview that he has spearheaded a counter campaign to silence all those who seek the downfall of the current regime.

El-Taher admitted that there was a confrontation between NDP supporters and Ayman Nour, but said that reports of violence or security interference were blatant lies.

“I will confront all those who forge the truth and lie, whether it’s [journalist] Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, the Kefaya movement or Ayman Nour, he said. “We will confront them with a counter ideology and by proving that we are the ones who are fighting corruption.

Those who target the regime are “agents of a Zionist entity that wishes to destroy Egypt, he said.

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