Man claims US embassy marines assaulted him and his mother

Abdel-Rahman Hussein
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CAIRO: An Egyptian man, Ahmed Mohamed Al-Takrouri, filed a complaint to Prosecutor General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud alleging that he was assaulted inside the American embassy on Aug. 5 by an army marine and two others.

Al-Takrouri alleged in the complaint he filed at Qasr Al-Nil police station that he along with his mother were assaulted by three men inside the US Embassy last week.

According to Al-Takrouri, one of them was dressed in military fatigues and the other two were in plain clothes but armed with pistols and electric batons.

Al-Takrouri, who is married to an American, was at the embassy in search of his wife who has disappeared with their two children. He had contacted the embassy for information on whether his wife had left Egypt and returned to the US.

US Embassy spokesperson Margaret White said in a statement sent to Daily News Egypt, “We are aware of the incident involving [Mr Takrouri] that took place at the Embassy on Aug. 5. The matter was referred immediately to Egyptian authorities by embassy security personnel who took appropriate action in response to threatening behavior.

“We are unable to comment further as the matter is being investigated but we are confident that the results of an investigation will reveal that the allegations appearing in the press are exaggerated and misrepresent the true facts in this case, she added.

Al-Takrouri stated in the police complaint that he was asked to come to the embassy, which he did, accompanied by his mother. He added that a marine in military uniform confronted him as soon as he entered the embassy.

Al-Takrouri claims that at that point, two other guards assaulted him and tried to handcuff him and drag him further into embassy grounds. When his mother attempted to intervene they hit her too, he said in his complaint.

He added that the three guards proceeded to punch him upon his entry, and when he fell to the ground they continued by kicking him.

Al-Takrouri stated that their cries made passersby crowd at the door, which caused the guards to release them.

Following that Al-Takrouri was transported to Qasr El-Nil police station by the police officers posted outside the embassy.

Mahmoud decided to open investigations in the incident after meeting personally with Al-Takrouri and has requested the Foreign Ministry to contact the US embassy to request the names of the three alleged perpetrators.

Mahmoud asked state security to conduct the investigation.

Al-Takrouri has resided in the US since 2000, which is when he met and married his American wife, who then converted to Islam.

The couple has two children and are regularly back and forth between Egypt and the US. Trouble recently cropped up between them over whether they would return to the US.

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