Hisham Talaat Moustafa accuses editors of defamation

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CAIRO: Public Prosecutor Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud has called businessman Hisham Talaat Moustafa in for questioning over a complaint he submitted against a newspaper and a magazine.

According to local press reports Monday, the incarcerated construction mogul Moustafa had submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecutor June 20 against the editors in chief of Al-Fajr newspaper and Al-Mosawer magazine.

Moustafa, who was handed the death sentence last May for conspiring to murder Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim, is accusing them of tarnishing his image by printing falsities in an attempt to influence the case.

The story in Al-Fajr Moustafa is referring to was published June 12 and alleged that Tamim had discovered the codes to his Swiss bank accounts and had transferred funds from it, which was the motive behind the murder.

As for the story in Al-Mosawer dated June 17, it alleged that there was a plan in place to motivate the presiding judge of the case against Moustafa on the day of the verdict.

Both Moustafa and former police officer Mohsen Al-Sukkari were found guilty of the murder of Tamim in Dubai in July of last year. Al-Sukkari was convicted of carrying out the murder at the behest of Moustafa. He too faces the death sentence.

Moustafa’s lawyer Fareed El-Dib did admit that there was a relationship in the past between Moustafa, a married father of three, and Tamim, and that he had wanted to marry her.

El-Dib could not be reached for comment, and when contacted by Daily News Egypt, his office could not confirm whether the complaints had been submitted. -Daily News Egypt

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